GrayStone Industries is proud to have been awarded the Platinum Master Certification by the Microchip Design Partner Review Board.


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Lightning Damage
Lightning Damage to Residential Power Entry Point

GrayStone self-powered WSNs are designed to withstand much of the destructive forces that mother nature can produce while providing reliable network performance and monitor/control functionallity.

EnviroNet Sub-GHz Lightning Detection System.

GrayStone specializes in custom WSN configurations that offer powerful yet flexible architectures and comprehensive, easy-to-use configuration and management software. Our design expertise and capabilities encompasses industrial, environmental, commercial and defense applications.

CT Transceiver
Sub-GHz Data Logging Tranceiver Modules w/WiFi.

GrayStone wireless sensor networks offer powerful yet flexible architectures and comprehensive, easy-to-use management software. Our design expertise and market areas include industrial, environmental, defense, medical and sports applications.

CT Sensor
Wireless Lightning Detection Sensor.

EnviroNet WSNs are designed to interface to most commercially available sensors. Periodically a customer requires a unique design for thier application whom we will design and manufacture for.

Congo GUI
Custom PC Based Configuration & Mangement Applications.

Our standard and custom WSN software applications facilitates network configuration and management. This also includes features for local data collection and storage, data storage onto a remote server or cloud via the internet, and other general internet accessibilities.