GrayStone Industries is proud to have been awarded the Platinum Master Certification by the Microchip Design Partner Review Board.


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ADC Card
Sub-GHz Wireless Monitoring System Helps Skiers to Keep Forward.

GrayStone's sub-GHz wireless technology is used to dynamically monitor an athlete for various traning parameters such as body position, motion and timing; providing instant feedback to the athlete and thier trainer reguarding the athlete's performance strengths and weakness.

ADC Card
"Forward Ski System ®", Wireless Ski Conditioning System.

GrayStone has great experience in designing wireless monitoring systems where human body and adverse environmental conditions make reliable communication difficult. For these applications we have developed proprietary transceiver hardware and embedded controller algorithms to ensure reliable operation under the most adverse sports conditioning training.

WiFi Card
Custom Wireless Sensors Used in Forward Ski System ®

EnviroNet WSNs are designed to interface to most commercially available sensors. Periodically a customer requires a unique design for thier application whom we will design and manufacture for.