GrayStone Industries is proud to have been awarded the Platinum Master Certification by the Microchip Design Partner Review Board.


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Mother Board 001
GrayStone's EnviroNet Modular System Design.

GrayStone's EnviroNet WSN features a modular approach to WSN configurations that offer powerful yet flexible architectures and comprehensive, easy-to-use configuration and management software. Our design expertise and capabilities encompasses industrial, environmental, commercial and defense applications.

Mother Board 002
EnviroNet's Modular Design Configurations

EnviroNet's modular design approach offers our customers the opportunity to configure a cost effective WSN that suits thier application requirements precisely without a lot of wasteful and costly capability. Yet retain the flexibility to change and grow the system as application requirements change.

Mother Board 001
EnviroNet's Modular System Design.

EnviroNet's modular back planes can be connected together to grow and expand as system as neccessary. Modular back planes can be fitted with a variety of interface options to suit a customer's application requirements.

Radio Card
IEEE 802.15.4 Transceiver Modules.

EnviroNet IEEE 802.15.4 radio modules provide safe and secure networking over vast areas. These modules can be configured to provide P2P and mesh style networking. Our modules can also be configured to operated under several protocols including EnviroNet(TM), MiWi(Microchip TM) and ZigBEE(TM).

WiFi Card
IEEE 802.11a/g WiFi Modules.

EnviroNet IEEE 802.11a/g WiFi modules provide safe and secure access of your WSN over the internet. Included in our EnviroNet application software are internet accessibility APIs to facilitate monitoring and control of the WSN and to facilitate data collection and storage on an off site server or on the cloud using any WiFi capable smart device.

ADC Card
Isolated Multi-Channel ADC Modules.

EnviroNet's isolated multi-channel ADC modules facilitates safely using commercially available analog sensors. Our ADC modules are configured to provide isolated power to the sensor and interface with most protocols including 0-10V analog output, SPI and RS232.

ADC Card
Isolated Multi-Channel Digital I/O Modules.

EnviroNet's isolated multi-channel digital I/O modules facilitates safely using commercially available digital sensors and accuators. Our digital I/O modules are configured to provide isolated power to the sensor/accuator and interface with 24VDC PLC devices.

ADC Card
Isolated Multi-Channel 4-20mA Receiver & Transmitter Modules.

EnviroNet's isolated multi-channel 4-20mA Rx/Tx modules facilitates safely using commercially available 4-20 sensors and control devices. Our 4-20mA Rx/Tx modules are configured to provide isolated power to the sensor and control device.

GPS Card
GPS Module.

EnviroNet's GPS modules are extremely useful in applications where a given WSN node must be precisely located. A great example of an such an application is in the earth science of land movement.