GrayStone Industries is proud to have been awarded the Platinum Master Certification by the Microchip Design Partner Review Board.


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ADC Card
Proprietary Diesel Refinement Process Uses RTOS for Time Critcal Processes.

GrayStone specializes in the innovative application of embedded control systems based on real time operating systems (RTOS). Such systems provide our customers with the opportunity to develop and integrate cost saving processess that cannot be achieved by most SCADA systems on the market.

Radio Card
Diesel Oil Refinement System Control Panel.

GrayStone's familiarity and understanding of industrial PLC and SCADA based monitor and control systems facilitate our capability to develop custom RTOS embedded control systems that integrate easily and seamlessly into existing systems.

WiFi Card
RTOS Controller w/Wireless Networking Used in Diesel Oil Refinement Process.

GrayStone works very closely with our customer to ensure that design and operational specifications are clearly defined and documented to ensure a product will meet the customer's expectations.