GrayStone Industries is proud to have been awarded the Platinum Master Certification by the Microchip Design Partner Review Board.


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Cabin Lighting
Aircraft Cabin "Mood Lighting" LED System.

Experience the finest in interior LED lighting technology and elegance with GrayStone's full spectrum LED custom lighting designs. Our system designs feature pre-set lighting modes, 100% dimming capacity and accentuates interior fabrics/style using white color programming.

Aircraft LED Luminaire Driver and Panel.

GrayStone custom lighting designs feature solid state power supplies and control systems to ensure lighting safety and power efficiencies. Our cabin lighting system designs are linked via serial communication to ensure synchronization between luminaires. Our custom lighting designs are ensured to fit easily into the aircraft and integrate easily into the existing lighting system.

Aircraft "Mood Lighting" LED Control.

GrayStone's custom mood lighting control system designs provide customers with a large array of preset lighting configurations. Each preset configuration can be manually implemented from the control panel, or a be set in an auto mode where various presets can be selected to automatically play over the course of the flight duration.